Residential Property

Due to housing shortage in England especially London, property rental could be profitable for most landlords. However profitability can drastically diminished if your property is not being managed effectively.

Unlike many management agents who show little interest in managing your property after they have received their fees, we visit your property twice a year and provide you with a report on the status of your property. This, we believe, not only minimise potential issues you may have with your tenant at a later stage, but also serves as a reminder to the tenant that their landlord is mindful of the status of their property.

We believe in engaging with your tenant to prevent problems or issues from arising. However in the unfortunate circumstance where prompt action is required, we will not hesitate to take all appropriate actions required in order to minimise your loss.

Our sister company, Lester Dominic Solicitors can assist you to take legal actions such as:

  • · Eviction of Tenant
  • · Repossession of your Property
  • · Rent Arrears Recovery
  • · Seek Damages Against Tenant

In order to minimise loss, it is important to take prompt action and follow the required legal procedures. With LDE, you can rest assured that we are always proactive.